Online Courses

TIER Online Courses mirror the face-to-face trainings led by TIER certified trainers. The courses engage educators in learning about various aspects of MTSS in a self-paced, highly interactive manner.

Learners may wish to complete one course or multiple courses. CPE credits will be awarded for the completion of courses.

The courses may be taken in any order; there is not a linear progression. Learners should consider their needs and those of their campus and district, or the campuses and districts they support, when determining which course(s) to take.

The Introduction Module courses are designed for teachers, staff, and administrators of PK–12 schools, as well as ESC staff; however, all learners are welcome.


  • Overview of Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS)
  • Roles and Responsibilities Within a Problem-Solving Team
  • Data-Based Individualization Within MTSS
  • Student-Centered Approaches
  • Examples of MTSS Implementation
  • Supports for Special Education Referrals

The Leadership Module courses are designed for school and district leaders and ESC staff; however, all learners are welcome.


  • Creating the Instructional Program
  • Creating an Assessment Plan
  • Developing and Using an MTSS Problem-Solving Team
  • Ongoing Professional Development and Support (MTSS)
  • MTSS: Relationship With Other Programs
  • Your MTSS Plan